Past Hikes

Snowshoeing to Stewart Falls in Utah on Sunday, 1-30-2011

Shipwreck Hunt During Low Tide on Saturday, 1-29-2011

Uinta wilderness snowshoe in Utah on Sunday, 1-23-2011

Rancho San Antonio Tuesday hike on Tuesday, 1-18-2011

Bell Canyon Waterfall in Utah on Sunday, 1-16-2011

Entire Golden Gate Park Hike on Sunday, 1-16-2011

North Canyon Snowshoe in Utah on Saturday, 1-15-2011

Windy Hill dayhike on Tuesday, 1-11-2011

Lexighton - Azul on Sunday, 1-9-2011

Birch Springs Trail in Utah on Saturday, 1-8-2011

Castle Rock waterfall hike on Tuesday, 1-4-2011

Shipwreck hunt during lowest ocean tide on Sunday, 1-2-2011

Huddart County Park on Tuesday, 12-21-2010

Entire Golden Gate Park Hike (Saturday) on Saturday, 12-18-2010

Tahoe/Truckee Snowshoe Hike Dec. 16-17 on Thursday, 12-16-2010

Wunderlich County Park just west of Woodside on Tuesday, 12-14-2010

Hike at Annadel State Park, Lawndale Rd Trailhead on Sunday, 12-12-2010

Windy Hill Open Space Preserve Trail Hike on Saturday, 12-11-2010

Sanborn County Park to Castle Rock State Park and back on Tuesday, 12-7-2010

Volunteer trail-work in Kensington: Building Steps on Sunday, 12-5-2010

Sam McDonald County Park dayhike Tuesday on Tuesday, 11-30-2010

Land's End Hike to Find Historic Shipwrecks on Sunday, 11-21-2010

Veterans Day Mile Rock Beach on Thursday, 11-11-2010

Point Reyes National Seashore Hike on Saturday, 11-6-2010

Saturday Morning Lands End Hike on Saturday, 10-16-2010

Columbus Day Land's End Hike on Monday, 10-11-2010

10/10/10 Land's End Hike (Sunday) on Sunday, 10-10-2010

Saturday Muir Woods Hike on Monday, 10-4-2010

First Hike For Our East Bay Group on Thursday, 9-30-2010

Saturday Morning Lands End Hike on Saturday, 9-11-2010

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