Camping Blogger

The Camping Blogger is one of the best blogs about the outdoors. Every blog post is well written, has unique photos and great tips on nature spots, outdoor gear, and general nature savvy.

The blog is run by Roy Scribner (say hello on Twitter @campingblogger or Facebook by searching for campingblogger there) who is passionate about nature and wildlife education and preservation. Roy created his blog so that more families could take nature vacations and teach their kids about appreciating the great outdoors.

Post Topics

The blog posts are varied around a theme of camping and in particular, family camping. Roy uses his experience to suggest best products for those of us less experienced. One great post about last minute items for camping trip was quite insightful with suggestions on practical water containers and products that help keep critters away. The products aren't advertisements. They are objectively hand-picked by Roy to give the best suggestions to his readers.

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