Castle Rock waterfall hike

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Organized By: Rex

San Francisco Hiking Member

Hike Description:

Meet: 10am at Edgewood Rd. & I280 Park & Ride
or 10:15am in Cupertino in the Homestead Square shopping center near the Homestead Square sign on Homestead Rd.
or 10:45am at the main entrance 2.5 miles south of the junction of Hwy 35 and 9 ($8 to park in the lot, or you can park along the road outside at no cost)

Date: Tuesday , 1-4-2011

Meeting Address: 15000 Skyline Blvd. Los Gatos

Miles: 8

Feet of Elevation: 1500

Sierra Club Official Difficulty Rating: 2-B

Start Time: 10:45 AM

End Time: 3:30 AM

Recommended Clothing:

Bring layered clothing for cold weather.

Recommended Food:

Cancellation Condition:

Moderate to heavy rain cancels.

Hike Difficulty Out of Ten: Not Set

Dogs Allowed: NO

Contact Phone:

h 650-365-3660 or c 650-644-8906


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List of Attendees:

San Francisco Hiking Member

Jane Matheson

San Francisco Hiking Member

Raabert Nixon

Rex, can you swing by the P&R at Page Mill Road to pick me up? I'll be there by 10am. Thanks, Robert

San Francisco Hiking


San Francisco Hiking Member

Sukanya naidu

Maybe Attending:

Not Coming:

San Francisco Hiking Member

Ranjana Sharma

Will be at Sierra Azul for my own OpenSpace hike. See you all next in February. Have a good hike

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