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California Trees

California has many different types of trees. It is said that there are 318 different types of big trees in California. We are just starting to build out the list of California trees, so here is our growing and unscientific list of some of them:

  • Coastal Redwoods - a common tourist attraction and the tallest trees in the world.
  • Madrone Tree - common in Northern California and easily recognized by its reddish bark which peels off and shows the green underneath
  • Douglas Fir Tree - common evergreen tree in Northern California
  • Live Oak Tree - one of the many types of oaks
  • Ponderosa Pine Tree - a tall pine tree
  • Tanoak - these trees can be found in either shrub form or tree form. Shallow soils of chaparral tend to inhibit the growth of the trees and forested areas tend to have more full-height tanoaks

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Many of these trees are common in the parks and preserves throughout Northern California. The Redwood Trees are the most famous trees because they are the tallest trees in the world. Such trees need lots of nutrients to survive and are able to get those nutrients surprisingly due to the Pacific Coast's foggy climate. During the dry season when there is no rain, the fog that comes in from the Pacific Ocean brings enough moisture to feed the Redwoods.

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