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Your Personal Information

Your personal information like your email address or your password is NEVER shared by with anyone else without the consent of both parties. Your password is encrypted and you should never share it with ANYONE.

Public Information

The goal of the site is to be free, open and we strongly encourage kindness in all aspects of interaction with the site. While your name (or nickname if you choose not to use your name on the site) and personal bio that you write are public information, it is collected for more personable experience on the site. We encourage all users of the site to avoid any form of abuse or unintended use of any of the information of the site.

Liability Disclaimer merely helps with event organization. We are not liable for any accidents or injuries you may incur during the hikes or getting to the hikes.

Privacy and Security Tips

There are a few types of security holes commonly exploited by hackers on the web, which you can easily prevent.

  • Prevent Pfishing Attack - phishing attacks are common ways that hackers try to get your sensitive information by pretending to be someone else. If anyone asks you for your password, DO NOT give it to them. No one working at will ever ask you for your password.
  • Log Out When On Public Computer - if you are using a public computer such as the ones available at libraries or other public places, make sure to log out after using this or any other site. If you do not log out, the next user of the computer may be able to openly keep using your account.

Questions or Concerns

For all inquiries, you are welcome to contact me, the founder of the site, at my personal email address:


Alex Genadinik
(415) 269-3586

In an attempt to help people have the best possible experience with the site, I handle all inquiries and do my absolute best to reply as soon as I can. I try to get back ASAP unless I am sleeping :) Please feel welcome to reach out with any suggestions or concerns you may have about the site. You can also ping us on Twitter @sfhiking or my personal account @genadinik

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