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Corey's Environmental Column

Recent Articles

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About the Column

By creating articles on a regular basis, I hope to promote awareness of current environmental issues. Through the university and speaking with my colleagues, I'd like to share my exposure with others in order to promote the fact that humans are closely interconnected with the ecosystems surrounding us. It is easy to forget where we get our food, water, and electricity, and it is my job to keep that at the forefront of people's minds. By understanding our connection with the environment, we are able to make better and more informed decisions throughout the day which will minimize the harmful effects our actions have on the environment.


About me

I am a graduating college student at San Francisco State University with a B.S. in Environmental Studies. Concentrating on Natural Resource Management, the outdoors is my true passion. Whether it is mountain bikes, camping, hiking, or just throwing a Frisbee at the beach, I love being outdoors. My ideal career would involve field work where I get down and dirty every day. Monitoring fish populations, forest management, habitat restoration, and ecology are my strongest interests.

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