Ultra Long Hike Which Requires Training

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Organized By: Alex Genadinik

San Francisco Hiking Member

Hike Description:

I want to train with some people to do a really long and strenuous hike - maybe around 30+ miles. Maybe find some record to break :) Any ideas?

Date: Thursday , 3-1-2012

Meeting Address: Not Set

Miles: Not Set

Feet of Elevation: Not Set

Sierra Club Official Difficulty Rating: 1-A

Start Time: : AM

End Time: Not Set

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Dogs Allowed: NO

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Marianne Dresser

How about doing the entire Ohlone Wilderness Trail, in the Eaat Bay, connects Mission Peak and Sunol regional parks, about 28 miles, with some good climbs (including Mission Peak). Here's a link: http://www.ebparks.org/parks/ohlone

San Francisco Hiking

Lottie Kendall

Hi Alex -- The Ohlone Wilderness is a great hike. You can do a one-way hike from the bottom of Mission Peak in Fremont, ending at Del Valle Park.

Three other suggestions for one-way hikes:
1) SF at the Golden Gate Bridge, to Bear Valley Visitor's Center at Point Reyes
2) Sanborn County Park (Saratoga) to Waddell Beach in Santa Cruz County via Castle Rock and Big Basin State Park;
3) Castro Valley to Richmond, starting at Chabot Regional Park, ending at Wildcat Canyon.

Can you tell I used to like the long ones?

San Francisco Hiking Member

Zoya Ferdowsian

A Question
Are we talking about a one day trip or over a few days?

San Francisco Hiking Member

Sukanya naidu

Hi this is interesting....I am a new member...I would love to do some strenuous hike....let me know about the details :)


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Alex Genadinik

San Francisco Hiking Member

Sukanya naidu

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Grace Wong

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