Monte Bello (Highest San Mateo County Named Spot) Hike

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Organized By: Alex Genadinik

San Francisco Hiking Member

Hike Description:

This hike will have three great things about it:

- 10 Miles of tough hiking
- Get to top of Monte Bello which is the tallest named peak in San Mateo County
- The Russian Ridge Preserve is known for being one of the top spots to see wildflowers, and Spring is the best time to go see them bloom.

We will meet at 11am at the main parking lot off Highway 35.

Date: Saturday , 4-9-2011

Meeting Address: Not Set

Miles: Not Set

Feet of Elevation: Not Set

Sierra Club Official Difficulty Rating: Distance Not Set-Elevation Not Set

Start Time:

End Time: Not Set

Recommended Clothing:

Recommended Food:

Cancellation Condition:

Hike Difficulty Out of Ten: Not Set

Dogs Allowed: Undetermined

Contact Phone:

Event Comments

Member Post

San Francisco Hiking Member


Alex, if you consider Montebello a tough hike, what would you call what we did last Tuesday? Guess it depends on how much hiking you do :^)

San Francisco Hiking

Sparky Harlan

I agree Rex. I was checking out the description to see if I could do it. I would call this a moderate hike, which is all I am doing theses days!


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List of Attendees:

San Francisco Hiking Member

Zoya Ferdowsian

San Francisco Hiking Member

Sukanya naidu

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San Francisco Hiking Member

Alex Genadinik

Looking forward to the hike :)

San Francisco Hiking

Sparky Harlan

Maybe if there is a tough hike closer to the South Bay I will join you one day!

Thank you for being part of the San Francisco and Bay Area outdoor community. We look forward to hiking with you!

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