Los Trancos Hike

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Organized By: Alex Genadinik

San Francisco Hiking Member

Hike Description:

Los Trancos is said to be on top of San Andreas Fault and this will be a hike to see all the trees that got hit very hard by the earthquakes.

Date: Sunday , 3-13-2011

Meeting Address: Not Set

Miles: 8

Feet of Elevation: 500

Sierra Club Official Difficulty Rating: 2-A

Start Time: 11:00 AM

End Time: 3:00 PM

Recommended Clothing:

Bring layers of clothing as the weather may become windy.

Recommended Food:

Bring lunch.

Cancellation Condition:

In case of heavy rain, we will cancel.

Hike Difficulty Out of Ten:


Dogs Allowed: NO

Contact Phone:

(415) 269-3586


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List of Attendees:

San Francisco Hiking

Alex Zhornist

It will be fun!

San Francisco Hiking


I have no idea where this is, but it sounds very interesting.

San Francisco Hiking Member

Zoya Ferdowsian

San Francisco Hiking Member

Sukanya naidu

Maybe Attending:

San Francisco Hiking

Marianne Dresser

Not Coming:

Thank you for being part of the San Francisco and Bay Area outdoor community. We look forward to hiking with you!

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