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Title: Monte Bello (Highest San Mateo County Named Spot) Hike on Saturday, 4-9-2011

Group Organizer: Alex Genadinik

San Francisco Hiking

Group Description: Experienced hiker group who look for difficult, long and challenging hikes to get really great exercise, get in great shape and have a great workout!

Number of hikers: 8

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Group Members:

San Francisco Hiking

Sara Mochel

San Francisco Hiking

Inna Milenkaya

San Francisco Hiking

Iyad Q

San Francisco Hiking

Peter McCluskey

San Francisco Hiking


San Francisco Hiking

Sukanya naidu

The hiking groups will always be free and we encourage friendly and safe exercise. Enjoy nature and the outdoors. Meet new friends and catch up with old buddies. This site was built for people like you and we'd love to see you on the hikes.

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