Hiking Trails In San Francisco ?>

Hiking Trails In San Francisco

What Hiking Trails in San Francisco Should You Look For?

Are you looking for great hiking trails in San Francisco? If so, you might be inundated with a variety of options. Fortunately, there are plenty of great choices that deserve to be seen for how beautiful they are. These include many trails that will take you to some of the most beautiful sites around.

Mount Diablo Falls Trail

Mount Diablo Falls TrailThis trail will lead you to the waterfalls around Mount Diablo. The trail goes for about six miles and has a change of elevation of nearly a thousand feet all along its path. The beauty of this trail comes from how you can see many things around the city from high up in the sky as you climb up on the trail. The waterfalls around Mount Diablo also feature pure water surrounding many stones and trees that haven’t been touched for years.

Mount Davidson Trail

Mount Davidson TrailMount Davidson is a great place in Sherwood Forest to hike up to. It takes about half a mile to hike up to the top out of the mountain. The eucalyptus trees are often in bloom and will guide your way to the top. The massive hundred-foot-tall cross near the top of the mountain is an especially important sight as it was built in the memory of those killed in the Armenian genocide.

Noe and Eureka Peak Trails

Noe and Eureka Peak TrailsBest known as the Twin Peaks of San Francisco, the trails around these two peaks will lead you towards some of the most beautiful shots of San Francisco that you’ll see. While this is not quite as tall as Mount Davidson, you can get some amazing 360-degree views of the entire city while you’re up on top of the scene.

Philosopher’s Way

Philosopher’s Way in McLaren Park around Visitacion Valley is a little less than three miles long and runs in a loop. This route has a bright blue water tower at the top. The multi-colored buildings that you’ll see all around the route make this a picturesque route that you are certainly bound to remember.

Presidio Promenade

Presidio PromenadeThe amazing Presidio area is right near the Golden Gate Bridge. While there are plenty of trails around Presidio that offer views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, and many other iconic San Francisco attractions, the Promenade is the best trail.

This trail, which is a little more than two miles long, goes from the Lombard Gate to the Presidio Main Post. You’ll go along the historic San Francisco National Cemetery, a site home to many important memorials to the Grand Army of the Republic and the Marines that died at the Tartar Wall in Beijing in 1900. This all ends with an amazing shot of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Lands End

Lands EndThe last option to find is the Lands End trail. This is about three and a half miles in length and features the Eagle Point Labyrinth, an impressive stone formation. You can get right on the beach if you head out a little further.

You’ll love these great routes when in San Francisco. These hiking trails in San Francisco are among the most amazing spots to check out while in the city.

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