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San Francisco Walking Tours

San Francisco is too big for most people to walk entirely in one day, but there are a number of possible combinations you can create if you are visiting the area and want to get the most out of the city.

Golden Gate Bridge Photo

Starting in Downtown

Since most visitors stay in and near the downtown area, it is a good place to begin discussing possible walking tours of San Francisco from the downtown area of the city. The downtown area offers a great opportunity to stroll through the piers with views of the bay and the Bay Bridge. It is about a mile walk from downtown to Pier 39 which is a popular tourist attraction.

Pier 39 has a few attractions like great seafood, especially if you are visiting during the crabbing season which typically starts around the middle of November. Ghirardelli square is in the area too, and so are the sea lions which live at the pier. But since this is a walking tour of the city, don't get carried away with the attractions.

From the Pier 39 area you can cross over Van Ness Street and head on Bay Street towards the Marina which is a very pleasant walk toward The Presidio which is home to Lucas Arts and many scenic hiking trails that oversee the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge Detour

From the Presidio, you have some options. You can walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, which is always a popular tourist activity. From the other side of the bridge you can see breathtaking views of downtown San Francisco. People who are in great shape can rent bicycles and bike up the bridge and up north. Some people even reach Muir Woods and get to see the beautiful Redwood Trees, but on this tour it would be a bit much and only people in incredible physical shape can manage to get to Muir Woods after waking through the city.

Lands End National Park

The Presidio is pretty large and many people can spend a good part of their day hiking just in the Presidio. If you want to get the most out of your walking or hiking tour through San Francisco, you have two options: you can either try hiking through the Golden Gate Bridge and back, or you can try to make a stop at the unforgettable Lands End which is a part of San Francisco where the land literally ends and the Pacific Ocean begins.

Lands End is one of the hidden gems of the city. On days of low ocean tide, you can even see the shipwrecks of boats which have crashed on the rocks just off Lands End, and have sank there. Their remains can be seen when the water is at a low tide. This is a great treat for kids and adults alike.

San Francisco Hotel Accommodations

If you are traveling and planning a tourist visit to San Francisco, here are some Hotels in San Francisco which may be of help to you in choosing where you might want to stay. The Hotel Club site also has listings in other cities as well like the New York Hotels for example, so wherever you are traveling, you can look up nice deals on hotels.

Personal Hiking Tours

If you are interested in creating a personalized itinerary for various outdoor adventures or tours in San Francisco or the Bay Area, call us at (415) 269-3586. You

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