Trekking Jacket

I recently got the Granite Peak Parka which is a really warm winter jacket. I immediately liked the jacket because it is extremely warm, but it does not look bulky like most winter jackets do. The jacket has a pretty snug fit and looks good to wear around the city and not just the outdoors.

Trekking Jacket

Fully Seamed Sealed Jacket

One of the very first things you notice when you first put on the jacket is just how protective from the elements it is made to be. The sleeves are tight around the wrist to keep out the cold air which tends to send chills down the rest of the body during cold weather. If the tightness of the sleeves is not warm enough, there are straps to tighten the jacket around the wrists as far as you want. During times of extreme cold, if you have gloves, you can tighten the jacket wrist straps over the gloves, so your hands are insulated twice.

The neck area of the jacket is insulated as well. The parka's intelligent design allows for the jacket to be adjustable to the weather. In mildly cold weather, the jacket is light enough to wear comfortably and the zipper naturally zips to about the bottom of the neck area to feel just right. In more extreme cold conditions, the zipper extends farther and the neck and much of the face can be protected from the cold by zipping up to about nose level.

Fleece Insulation

The jacket is insulted by a think layer of fleece which adds warmth, comfort and coziness that we can refer to as "comfyness" Small Smily Face Icon. The cold outside makes the jacket all the more awesome when you feel the protection and the warmth of the fleece. The pockets are lined with fleece as well and it feels great to put your hands in them because your hands feel much warmer right away.

Great Parka For Rainy Weather

The Granite Peak Parka is waterproof. The lining of the parka is 100% Polyester Wicking Mesh and the shell is made out of 100% Nylon Ottoman. There is also an adjustable hood which you can use in case of rain. This is one of those jackets that will really help you when you are in the outdoors and get caught in bad or changeable weather. You won't feel the moisture as the rain and wind will just bounce of the jacket and you will still feel pretty good.

Perfect For Outdoor Activities

The parka is a perfect trekking jacket. It will protect you from strong winds that are common in Northern California and in various outdoor and wilderness areas. If you get caught in the outdoors during rain, it will help you get back to camp without being completely soaked. The parka is a good jacket for camping as it can get cold during the night. Since the fleece lining can be removed with a zipper, the jacket can also be used during mild weather as well - in cause you want to be prepared for changes in the weather throughout the day.

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